Firehouse Project Update

We’ve worked hard to transform the Firehouse, originally built in 1867, into modern retail spaces with preserved historical charm. The first stages of construction and renovation focused on making them wired and walled “white boxes” but with as much historical detail as can be preserved. In early 2022 we began detailing the spaces even further in preparation for and catering to the specific new tenants.

Historic Firehouse transformation - Cohlmeyer Constructon

The Historic Firehouse Project mentioned in a previous post has kicked off. The preservation project will update the 1867 firehouse pictured above. With permits in hand, we have started demo and construction of this Jen Spangler Williamson, AIA designed project. You can read all about the project and the building’s history, in this State Journal article.

Historic Metal Door - Cohlmeyer Construction

These historic buildings always have something exciting inside. The metal barn door in this space will make for an amazing feature when the rest of the store matches this incredible old school charm. It will be so exciting to see how this historic building will be transformed into a few amazing retails spaces.